Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

In 1998, The University of Greenwich commenced the refurbishment of their buildings at the Greenwich Maritime Campus. The buildings, which are part of a world heritage site, were previously part of the Old Royal Naval College, originally designed by Christopher Wren.

  UOG 4  UOG 2  Greenwich

Due to the ornate nature of the building’s architecture, an Electro Detectors’ radio based Fire Alarm and Detection System was selected by the project Consultants, which removed the need for the concealing of the cables, usually associated with conventionally hard wired systems.

Throughout the site, there were originally 6 independent radio operated systems, consisting of almost 2000 devices, protecting the Buildings and their 8000 occupants.  Subsequently these systems have since been networked to report back to the security gate house.

The systems are still maintained by Crays Fire.