Smarter Fix: Easier Fire System Installation with Advanced

Fire detection and alarm systems have changed in recent years, as fire panels and detectors are asked to do more than ever and more technology is pushed into ‘the grey box on the wall’. This enhances performance, but also adds cost. However, it’s not the cost of the panel, but rather the installation, commissioning and maintenance that makes up a large chunk of the investment in a system.

What’s more, saving time on installation becomes important because a lower lifetime cost of ownership allows more to be invested up front in a better quality, future-proofed system that offers more protection for people and assets.

Fortunately, the leading manufacturers like Advanced, have added a whole raft of features that make installation easier and more economical. These can be broken down into design and mechanical features; system tools; software solutions; and standards, with the best systems offering a strong combination of them all.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015