The National Trust – Knole

One of the great treasure houses of England, set in a 1000 acre deer park in Sevenoaks, Kent, Knole has always excited a range of different reactions. Henry VIII liked it so much that he forced Thomas Cranmer, his Archbishop of Canterbury, to hand it to him in 1538. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, the House was rebuilt and refurbished in 3 main bursts.

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First installed by us over 10 years ago, the building has been protected by an Electro Detectors radio based system. Interfaced with the system are Aspirating Detectors protecting many of the large display areas, fitted with discrete sampling points, almost undetectable to the eye from the floor level.

In 2002 ourselves and Electro Detectors commenced an upgrade of the system to incorporate their Millenium Analogue Addressable range of Detectors, to reduce the risk of false alarm activations from the very draughty and dusty roof storage areas. The system also includes an option of a modem to allow remote monitoring of the system’s status.