Avery Hill – University of Greenwich

Following a successful tender process, Crays Fire were awarded the contract to carry out a site wide replacement of the fire alarm control panels at the Avery Hill campus for the University of Greenwich.

We were tasked with replacing the existing Morley fire alarm control panels within 10 buildings, incorporated within a site wide network that reported back to a main control panel in the campus Gate House.

We selected the reliable Advanced Electronics Mx-Pro 5 fire alarm control panels, incorporating the existing Apollo XP95 protocol devices onto the loops.

In three of the accommodation blocks in the Student Village, we were also required to replace the existing System Sensor fire alarm devices to Apollo protocol, in order for the systems to match the rest of the buildings on campus. As part of this process we upgraded the loop capacities on the new Advanced Electronics fire alarm control panels and rewired the existing loops to incorporate the additional device addresses required by the Apollo protocol devices.

The system replacements were carried out to an agreed schedule with the University to avoid disruption to staff and students.

Following the successful upgrades on the fire alarm systems we were rewarded with maintenance contracts for all of the buildings.